Tank Gauging

Automatic tank gauging uses sensors to monitor fuel level. Everlink ATG provides real-time data that allows operators to track inventory, prevent overfills or shortages, and ensure environmental compliance.

Everlink ATG - Automatic Tank Gauging (Auto Dip)

We manufacture premium automatic tank gauging products, commonly known as auto dips. All Everlink ATG products connect to Clarity, our cloud-based fuel management software to enable easy tank-level tracking.

Everlink ATG features:

•   Available in solar powered, battery powered and mains powered versions
•   Multiple sensing technologies to suit different environments and fluids (such as Diesel, Adblue, Oils, Petrol, Water)
•   Custom tank-sensing depths available
•   Multiple operating modes including real time updates on level changes
•   Uses industry standard lithium batteries
•   4G and CAT-M1 communication options provide optimum coverage
•   316 stainless steel bracket and UV-resistant ASA case construction
•   Multiple tanks monitored through one gateway
•   Installation can take less than 2 minutes
•   Email and SMS alerts for overfill, delivery level and low level
•   Scheduled tank-level email reports
•   Fuel supplier access to tank-level data
•   Local display option for mains-powered ATG controllers


Overfill Alarms

The Overfill Alarm provides a solution for warning when a tank reaches safe fill level, over fill level or if there is liquid in the tank secondary containment space.

The tank sensor is a multi-stage sensor, providing the ability to set the safe fill and over fill levels electronically rather than mechanically.

Everlink's overfill alarm is powered by solar and internal battery. It can also be connected to a low voltage supply.

Overfill alarms are crucial for preventing environmental contamination and ensuring compliance with safety regulations.


Bund Alarms

Our bund alarms monitor the secondary containment area or “bund”. They’re designed to alert the operator when fluid is detected between the inner tank and outer tank. The alarm indicates a breach in tank integrity, allowing fluid to leak or water to enter the bund area.

As a safety device, a bund alarm allows the operator to take immediate action and address the leak or implement emergency response protocols.

Bund alarms are crucial for preventing environmental contamination and ensuring compliance with safety regulations.

Outstanding flexibility with multiple products to meet all your tank level monitoring requirements.


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