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Everlink designs and manufactures market-leading fuel and fluid management systems. We supply robust and quality products to the rail, civil engineering, heavy transport and agriculture industries across Australasia.

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    Why Choose Us

    Engineering the future with Everlink

    We help our customers optimise their fuel consumption and reduce costs through a range of fuel management technologies.

    We make robust, high-quality products that suit any environment. No matter where you are, we create tailored systems that ensure you can navigate varying landscapes while minimising fuel wastage and improving operational efficiency.

    With a proven track record of success around the world, Everlink is the trusted name in fuel management.

    About Us

    Fuel management made simple, wherever you go!

    Fuelling Success Since 2001
    Everlink has been family owned and operated since 2001. Located in Tauranga New Zealand, we empower our industry partners with innovative management solutions for their diesel, oil and additives requirements.
    Fuel management from your phone
    Our Clarity software is 100% cloud-based, so you and your team can manage your fuel usage on the go. It offers full multi-user capabilities, making it accessible from any device with a web browser and utilised from anywhere in the world.
    Our Products

    Explore our range of intelligent fluid management products

    Our advanced range of security access, automatic tank gauging and management solutions monitor fluid consumption and protect your company's fuel. Everlink units are easily fitted to any stationary or mobile tank.

    Here’s what our customers have to say

    We love to hear from our customers and value their feedback. Our testimonials highlight our customers’ trust in our products and services.
    I cannot voice enough how much the tank gauging feature is pivotal to our business in monitoring the levels in our tanks. The accuracy of the gauges is incredible. We have been using Everlink for four years. Having the system feed to the cloud is amazing by allowing real-time data to be displayed. You can even watch the volumes increasing as a road tanker is unloading in real-time.
    Steve Barkowski

    ABC Transport

    I have found Everlink easy to establish within our company the monthly fuel usage (Petrol & Diesel) for our different entities - beats the paper entries anytime.
    I do the accounts for Acorn ITM and we use Everlink to track our fuel usage. I use it to download the monthly report (super easy!) and export it so I can work out monthly costs per vehicle. I find the process super easy and intuitive for what I do.
    Rosie Roache
    Acorn ITM
    The reporting is great and having automated reports coming is excellent, as our installations are reasonably remote.
    Bob McCallum
    Aurora Energy
    Our site has been using the Everlink Fuel System for some time and I find it very intuitive and easy to use. The tech support is great, with quick responses from people who know what they are talking about.
    Duncan Counsell
    Balance Agri-Nutrients
    We have been using Everlink for a few years to monitor our fuel burn on equipment for sustainability in our Vineyard. It's very useful for tank gauging as we have six fuel cells in different locations. We also find the reporting system a useful tool for our business. It has also given us security with pin codes and equipment fobs. Overall, very happy.
    Steve Hammond
    Yealands Wine Group
    Everlink works well for me – gives me all the information I need. I had no training when I took this over but found it fairly easy to navigate to get what I needed.
    Sharon Gilvray
    Very user-friendly system. Accurate data collecting aids our business with stock control and monthly costings. Access to the Everlink portal gives you complete control over all aspects of the fuel system and how it is managed on the worksite with individual keys for operators that shows us how often a unit is being filled so we can look at rotating that unit to another area to extend the life of our machines.
    Tom Te Whau
    Our transition to Everlink was the most seamless process. Dean and his entire team have been a pleasure to deal with and nothing has ever been a problem. From a fuel management perspective, we no longer have to go out in the rain and dip our tanks or reset our old system when it decided to shut down for no reason. Everything I need to manage our fuel is at my fingertips.
    Daryl Kirkwood
    Crown Coaches
    We have found the Everlink Fuel Management System to be very helpful in managing our fuel demands and requirements. Everlink has enabled us to log in and access up-to-date data from anywhere at any time. Managing our fuel system has never been easier.
    Les Dion
    Dion's Bus Service
    The management system is invaluable to me by enabling remote monitoring of daily and monthly usage for management, cash flow and other financial forecasting calculations. The Everlink Fuel Management System is an integral part of our fuel usage system.
    Eruera Reedy
    ET Global
    I have found Everlink extremely easy to navigate. With the reports in Excel format and the option of a date range, it is a breeze to check each individual user and quantities drawn from the fuel tank. Plus, the levels of the tank can be checked at any time, even if there are multiple tanks at more than one location. I would certainly recommend the Everlink system to both small and large customers.
    Kath Williamson
    Forest Freighters Group
    Nothing beats cloud technology! Having been introduced to Everlink Fuel Management Cloud software just 3 months ago, I can honestly say, it’s a game changer for businesses managing their own fleet. While our drivers and operators perform their daily activities outside, with simple drags, drops and clicks of the mouse, our office staff has a seamless flow of information available to complete business administration, audit and management tasks.
    Vanessa Moodly
    Free Flow Drains
    Everlink Fuel Management Systems has been an invaluable addition to our farming business. Everlink has enabled us to simplify our fuel recording efficiently. No more spreadsheets! No matter the time, they are easy to contact and quick to resolve any issues or concerns.
    Sarah Hewson
    Hewson Farms
    Everlink has been a massive help with managing our inventory in a remote location thanks to their tank gauging feature.
    Zane Pratt
    Indigenous Business Australia
    I find that Everlink is a great software to use to monitor the frequency that our tractors are being filled. I would recommend Everlink to anyone who is on the lookout for a reliable fuel monitoring system.
    Kayla Gernhoefer
    Lloyd Gernhoefer Agricultural Contracting
    The Everlink Fuel system has significantly improved our ability to cost our machinery and trucks. We can accurately back cost our projects with up-to-date data and know exactly how our projects (some of which span multiple years) are tracking, allowing us to react quickly if needed. The system empowers us to provide our customers with accurate quotes based on the latest information.
    Paula Blindell
    Mckenzie Contracting
    I have nothing but praise for my association with Everlink. I have 24 hour access to fuel data via internet link. In every vehicle, I have an allocated numbered tag for fuelling. Every employee has a private PIN for access to fuel tank.
    Mac McDonnell
    Perth Concrete
    Great Product. It allows me to manage our fuel across 36 diesel machines on-site in a controlled manner. Having the fuel alert (via email) when my tank drops below 10,000 litres gives me time to organise bulk fuel suppliers. Long story short, great product, good reporting and when do have the odd electronic hiccup, great response time.
    Willis Paddon
    Smythes Quarries
    Since having our fuel pump systems upgraded to the Everlink system, tracking our fuel usage has become a breeze. I love how the data no longer has to be manually downloaded and is available immediately and the system is very easy to use.
    Gemma Dawrant
    Turley Farms Ltd
    Everlink brings efficiency, a one-stop shop for corrective level indications, and all data that follows through. Peace of mind tech. We’ve enjoyed it from day one.
    Eric Ram
    VT Transport

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