We supply a range of accessories to enhance the use of our Everlink units and offer greater fuel monitoring, security and control capabilities. From magnetic stripe card readers to long range RFID tags, our accessories integrate seamlessly with our units to complete your fuel management solution.

Magnetic Stripe Card Readers

Everlink card readers come in a range of options.

Insert card readers come in two different versions to suit our flush mount or surface mount units. These are supplied ready-mounted in specialised powder-coated housings.

These readers are typically used when existing fuel cards are required to be used as ID types in Everlink's system.


Everlink RFID Tags

Our RFID tags suit operators, equipment and vehicles. We offer multiple RFID tag options, including keychain type tags and vehicle mounted disc tags.

Keychain type tags are ideal for personnel and vehicle users. These can be used either on their own or in combination with pin numbers and/or fuel cards.

Vehicle mounted disc tags are used alongside our Everlink RFID wands. These are easily fixed to any of your assets that require refuelling.


Everlink AVI Tags

Everlink AVI tags are essential where automatic asset identification is required. Designed to be installed beside the filling point on any equipment, AVI tags are suitable for both light commercial and heavy industrial vehicles.

Wireless Wand

Everlink wireless readers are used in applications where positive asset identification is required. These work with our vehicle RFID tags and AVI tags. They have a range of different operating modes and functions.


Everlink EverPend

Everlink's EverPend is a wearable ID reader and start/stop pump controller. These are typically used for mobile refuelling vehicles that are filling multiple assets.


Everlink Flowmeters

Everlink's range of high quality flow meters are designed to bring accuracy and long service life to your fluid delivery systems.


Everlink Solenoid Valves

Everlink's range of solenoid valves have been designed to ensure reliable control of fluid delivery and work seamlessly our Everlink fuel management controllers.


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